Canberra Memorial Parks offers a wide range of services that meet the cultural, religious and family needs of our community.

Our parks in Gungahlin, Woden and Hall are maintained and developed with the community in mind. They provide considerable options for burial, cremation and memorialisation. The cemeteries are open every day from 8 am until sunset with adequate seating and shady areas.

We are also preparing for the growing needs of our city with future plans for a bush cemetery on Canberra’s southside, Southern Memorial Park.

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Gungahlin Cemetery and Crematorium

Gungahlin is home to Canberra's largest cemetery and the ACT’s first publicly owned crematorium.

Woden Cemetery

Woden Cemetery, opened in 1936 on Canberra's southside, is a beautiful park for the community and for people to honour and celebrate the life of loved ones.

Hall Cemetery

Hall Cemetery is the ACT's oldest cemetery with the first recorded burial in 1907 and now home to very rare and endangered plants including the Tarengo Leek Orchid.

Published 16 Jun 2022

International Widows' Day

International Widows' Day is June 23, 2022.

Published 05 Jun 2022

World Environment Day 2022

Do you know about natural burials?

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Explore burial places in the ACT.


Explore cremation and places of rest for the interment of ashes available in the ACT.


Remember a loved one with a dedication seat, place in the Garden of Remembrance or with a plaque or urn.

Upcoming burials

SteffenhagenElly10:00 amTuesday 5 July 2022Toscan Dinn FuneralsGungahlinPortion 1 Plaque BeamYes
O'ReillyZenaida12:00 pmTuesday 5 July 2022William Cole FuneralsGungahlinPortion 1 Plaque Beam 
BurgessElizabeth12:30 pmTuesday 5 July 2022William Cole FuneralsWodenPortion 3 Anglican Lawn 
PulleElizabeth2:45 pmTuesday 5 July 2022Grantley Perry & Sons FuneralsGungahlinPortion 22 Monumental Lawn 
CasalinoAngela12:00 pmWednesday 6 July 2022William Cole FuneralsGungahlinPortion 22 Monumental Lawn 
BuckleyBeryl12:15 pmWednesday 6 July 2022Simplicity FuneralsWodenPortion 7 Presbyterian Lawn 
ThomasPushpamangalam2:30 pmWednesday 6 July 2022Tobin Brothers FuneralsWodenPortion 8 General Headstone 
CrossHelen10:30 amThursday 7 July 2022William Cole FuneralsGungahlinPortion 24 Orthodox HeadstoneYes
HalapirRudolf12:00 pmThursday 7 July 2022Tobin Brothers FuneralsGungahlinPortion 14 General Headstone 
GiffardPeter11:30 amTuesday 12 July 2022Tobin BrothersGungahlinPortion 7 Plaque Beam 
WilsonMichael3:00 pmWednesday 13 July 2022Tobin BrothersWodenPortion 4 General Lawn 
ShadboltFrederick11:30 amFriday 15 July 2022Tobin BrothersGungahlinPortion 1 Plaque Beam 
AhearnGreville12:45 pmMonday 18 July 2022Tobin BrothersWodenPortion 3 Anglican Headstone 
PriddleJohn2:45 pmMonday 18 July 2022William Cole FuneralsGungahlinPortion 18 Plaque Beam 
CromptonRobert11:00 amTuesday 19 July 2022William Cole FuneralsGungahlinPortion 23 Natural BurialYes